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Relapse Prevention

Members will gain an understanding that substance abuse is a learned behavior that can be modified according to the principles of conditioning and learning.  The main goals of this intervention include, but are not limited to the following: 
  • To prevent the occurrences of initial relapse after a commitment to change has been made. 
  • To prevent any lapse, that does occur, from escalating into a full-blown relapse.
  • Assistance with alcohol and/or drug relapse prevention plan.
  • Reducing stress and depression through social and professional support and appropriate social interaction's.
  • Members will learn to empower themselves and develop control over his/her recovery.
  • Engage with professional and positive social support while learning the skills and tools to maintain sobriety.

For more information contact Elke Sweeney, LCSW at (203) 739-0035 ext. 701.

Please call us for more information

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