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Changing Behaviors

Changing behaviors will teach and empower our clients to reduce and/or eliminate behaviors and habits that are destructive,  unhealthy, or undesirable.  Clients/members will learn and increase more appropriate behaviors by gaining self-efficacy to continue to make positive changes personally, socially, emotionally and behaviorally.

Intervention for men and women meets once per week for a 90 minute session. It offers a psycho-educational approach with CBT and motivational interviewing components. As noted on the name of the group, the facilitators will provide a non-judgemental environment, that is conducive for behavioral change. Participants will learn on the impact that their behavior has had on them and their family system. They will develop strategies to address the negative behavior and will use self-reflection to make a lifetime commitment to never use any form of violence.

Caring Dad's

A model developed by the Changing Ways abuser education program in London, Ontario.  This program aims to help fathers improve their relationships with their children and end controlling, abusive, and neglectful behavior. Through 17 sessions fathers will…

  • Develop skills to cope in healthy ways with frustrating situations
  • Understand how different fathering strategies and choices affect children
  • Increase their awareness of controlling, abusive, and neglectful attitudes and behaviors
  • Be provided with strategies to strengthen the father-child relationship

The Caring Dads group program runs once a week for 17 weeks. This group offers...

  • A unique opportunity for men to connect as fathers
  • A combination of active group discussions, exercises, and homework

CSC is the only provider certified in the State of Connecticut

For more information about Changing Behaviors or Caring Dads,

call Carolina G. Rodriguez, LMSW at 203-739-0035 ext.700

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